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Live your life slowful says the digital mastermind

— Timm Weber, Sprintworks Founder

Live your life slowful says the digital mastermind  — Timm Weber, Sprintworks Founder




Nathalie Mohadjer

Timm is an award-winning creative leader with over 20 years of experience in insight based communication and innovation. He is convinced that digital needs a creative infusion. Today more than ever, as everything and everyone becomes digital. Only brands with a clear idea of how they want to behave and sometimes surprise in digital will stay relevant and have impact. Over the last years as CCO he has worked based on this belief for many different clients creating campaigns and platforms to generate exactly this impact. Since 2021 he offers this task to a multitude of clients as creative strategist.

Can you quickly describe yourself?

Originally I’m a copywriter with a long track record of creative ads. Over the years I moved away from just advertising bringing ideas to life in digital and interactive contexts.

What are currently your favorite subjects?

Humanizing tech is a very interesting subject for me at the moment. How can we establish a situation where we as people not automatically adapt to whatever technology throws at us but the other way around. Create tech that is based on human behaviors and needs.

What would for you would be an emerging topic that is going to be important in our very near future?

Live your life SLOWFUL. Everything is getting faster and faster. Information, Innovation, Life in general. Nobody knows what this will do to us. If humans are even made for this constant acceleration. I would like to come up with a rescue plan. Slow down our lifes using exactly the tech that makes everything go faster. I’m not just talking about a dry January like digital Detox, I’m talking about substantial change to come back to our senses. How can tech make us slow down, how can tech help create zones that are techfree. I believe being SLOWFUL will be one of the key issues in the upcoming ideas if we as humans want to stay on top of the techgame.Of course we would make an NFT for that as well. It will be an NFT that shows in very slow motion how plants grow and of course takes the longest to mint.

What are its challenges?

Not sure if there are enough people that voluntarily want to slow down. Normally something bad needs to happen to make people open for change.

What changes, opportunities can it bring?

If rolled out properly and with enough people on board slowfull will bring lots of change and innovation to all of us.Here are some first ideas:We will invent SlowTech Mode for devices to slow down your workmode to a more human level.We will turn 5G back to 2,5GWe will create a map of Europe presenting the regions with the lowest data reception, promoting these zones as special tourist regions.We will create a special competition where people are awarded that took the most time doing an everyday task.

What are the traps, the dangers?

Right now I don’t see any. People will be better off when they lead a slowfull life.

“Slow down our lifes using exactly the tech that makes everything go faster.”

Who are the players in this market?

At this moment just me. But of course we need cooperations with big tech players to make as many people as possible aware of this life changing offer.

How did you come into contact with this topic?

I saw my life getting faster and faster and asked myself whether this made me happy or not.

Where can we find out more?

Get in touch with me. The website is slowly coming together. What else would you expect.